We also have many volunteer coaches from Lahainaluna Track Team to help us out this season!

Coach Zane Monteleone is a former Lahainaluna track athlete and State medalist in wrestling. He is a double state champion winning coach with Lahainaluna Wrestling (15 years ) and adds his coaching expertise to Lahaina Heat! (photo by Glen Pascual)

Coach Lauren Amano is a Blocks/Sprints Coach at Lahainaluna High School. She is a former  Hawaii state champion in sprints and relays.

Coach Cynthia Monteleone ran Division I track in NC specializing in the 200, 400 outdoor, 500, 600 indoor and 1600M Relay. She was also a high school state competitor in the high jump. She is a certified USA TF Coach,Strength Coach and Sprint Coach at Lahainaluna High School. She is also a USATF Master's Athlete competing in the 400/200 W40.